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What I Write (default single)

This used to be a very long, rambly, fandom-specific post. As you can see, I have taken a sharp knife to it.

What I Write

The fanfiction I write is mostly set in the Harry Potter oververse, sometimes closely aligned with canon, but mostly not. I love alternate universes; I love playing with the rich material JKR put together, and consequently I have worked in about four or five different universes. Most of my longer-running stories are eternally incomplete due to boredom or unavoidably big flaws that stopped me working on them. All of my published fanfiction will eventually be able to be found by scrolling through my fanfiction masterlist, here.

The ‘original’ fiction I write is mostly fantasy or sci-fi. All of my published original fic will eventually be able to be found by eyeing up my original fic masterlist, here.

In both modes, I like writing about politics and infighting and people going to school. I love writing about sex. I am devoted to characters that are misunderstood, ambitious, ruthless, driven etc etc. Sometime in the future, when I am almost done gathering all of my fiction onto this site, I will trawl through it and try and select the stories I think are most representative of what I write, but till then, you will just have to explore.


As far as ratings and content warnings and content notes go, I try to place everything within three big buckets. They are:

That said, you should largely be able to tell how far a story will go by reading the summary. When you can’t, I will most likely have a content note in there to say how far.

Content Notes

In the “content notes” section for every story, I will give as many pertinent details I can think of, e.g. what characters are in the story, whether said characters screw each other, whether there are potentially upsetting/triggering things done or described, etc. Being human, I may leave something out, or forget to put something in, or just not recognize something as hurtful. Let me know if you think I missed something by using the formspring form below.

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