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About me (default list)

My fannish name is Quivo (formerly E. M. Pink). My real name is cough cough gargle gargle. Did you get that?

Oh, sorry, this is supposed to be about me.

There really isn’t much to know. I got into writing fanfiction by way of diving into Harry Potter fandom in 2005, being vaguely disappointed with the sixth book (which came out that year) and then plunging into the more Severus-Snape-adoring side of fandom. I ran out of fics to read, so started to write my own. 

Now, while I’ve written a lot over the last few years ( tells me I’ve posted over 500,000 words there), it has mostly been for my long, novel-length efforts. You won’t recognise me from any fests or ficathons, because I don’t do them. You might recognise me if you like to stalk metafandom’s account or follow that meta-posting/sharing community on Livejournal or Insanejournal, as I do stalk their account and comment fairly regularly on other people’s meta posts from time to time. 

So, in other words, I haven’t left much of a fannish footprint out on the web besides my fic writing. And that’s what this site is for: to preserve as much of that footprint as possible. 

And this is why this about page is pretty short; my writing is what is out there, and is what I feel best represents me. So if you want to know more, or are just generally curious, head over to my why I write page, or to my what I write page, because that’s what counts for me fannishly.

What I Write

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