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Why I Write (default single)

I write for myself first, and my readers first and a half. Er, it works out, I promise. I am a rabid, mostly unapologetic review whore; luckily for you, I also like to gab critically about my fic, and am in this business to improve my writing as well as share it with others.

I write what I love to read. Fave authors include Lois Bujold first and a bunch of other fabulous authors second, Scott Westerfeld, Robin McKinley, David Abraham, and so on. I hope to write something that lasts and is filling and satisfying to read; something that takes something out of you, that demands effort of you, but not so much that you can’t curl up and rest with the book in your hands. I don’t know if I’ll ever be there, but that is my goal.

I write all the time, because I love doing it. Or, I should say, I invent all the time. I am constantly peering at my characters, adjusting their makeup, poking at them, dropping them into all sorts of hypothetical situations, and all because it is great glorious fun. Actually shoving stuff onto a page is just as fun, only you actually have to work at it, and it is work as well as fun. Sometimes it is the easiest thing ever, and sometimes I feel like I’d rather shoot myself than look at a sentence again. But I keep doing it anyway, because I find it fun.

I write with other people’s characters. Because that, too, is fun. I’ve never gotten round to posting my (mostly incomplete) original fic because of several reasons, and I suppose one of them could accurately be called being lazy. But what’s the point of being hardworking when there’s already a story you want to write, a hard story with some stuff that you didn’t have to make up and some stuff you had to make up because the story wouldn’t make sense otherwise? I say there isn’t one. I also say I want to finish my hard, close-to-hand story first, and that if that ends up taking till I die, it is quite all right so long as I had gobs of fun along the way.

Which, because writing is fun, because writing with other people’s stuff is fun, is kind of a given. Forever and amen.

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