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Was going to do a big ‘site structure’ post ages ago, then derailed down an endless stream of 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. And then derailed once again while I figured out how to have accessible emoji and stuff.

Now I’m just gonna note that I went from ‘every post all bunged into content\posts\’ to having year and month based folders, AND a naming scheme so posts can be sorted by day. Which also meant me having to build in some regex into the post, oldpost and bundle archetypes, and me derailing once more to start hacking together a python script to make it so I can have something else do the numbering for new posts for me >.>.

It’s kind of unsurprising that most Hugo tutorials I’ve seen are all about the initial setup. The main focus is always on how quickly and easily you can spin up, and not much about pressing concerns like, idk, how the fuck you deal with your content\ folder when you have more than ten posts or pages in any single folder.

For the fic site thing I’m working on, that’s far less of a concern because fanfics and stories accrete organization on their own; you recognize fics by their names and authors and chapter numbers (if they have them) not by the date when they were posted. But a blog is different. I had some vague thoughts of bucking the trend and maybe just doing article listings or shaving off the date-based stuff, but in the end I decided against it.

I’ve been consoling myself by thinking of how I can always de-emphasize dates when I get to working on the templates for blog post display, but I still feel I’ve… betrayed? the sentiment in 'How blogs broke the web', which really resonated with me and has been on my mind since I first read it months ago. But at the same time, writing diary-style feels natural to me, and abandoning it would not help my current effort to move my website away from Wordpress. Food for thought…

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