Zero Point Zero (default single)

I’ve been fascinated with static site builders for a long time. Hugo has been the one that attracted me most, despite its ugly, convoluted-feeling themeing language, its lack of standard WordPress theme copycats for me to riff off of (yep) and the fact that it’s not in a stable version and probably will not be in one any time soon (latest version as I write is 0.68v3).

Hugo’s biggest plus is that it’s both flexible (no annoying post naming scheme! Will munge through pretty much any folder of files and produce something!) and comes as a nice, neat binary that needs no massaging or Rails-style updates to keep in tune. Oh, and that its build times are really, really, really fucking FAST.

For someone who’s always wanted to have a go at making a fanfiction archive รก la Automated Archive, all of these things are a dream come true. Now, as I slowly slog through to the finish line of the super barebones 1.0 of Hugo Fic (actual name TBD, repo link coming soon!), I’m also launching (sorta) a helpful side project: this site.

I’ve always wanted to migrate from my old, mothballed WordPress install to something leaner, something that requires way less worrying about updates. Now’s the chance!!

Behold! The first, terrible version of what shall eventually be!!

The first, terrible picture of

God knows whether that image will even render properly. It’s certainly not responsive because fuck, that’s for another commit, okay??? I’m running on fumes here at the moment. I’m really interested in documenting the whole sordid process of building a blog with Hugo that looks only a bit shit, so enjoy.

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