Flailing (default single)

So uh, having managed to somehow cobble together a barebones theme that I like, I decided to go full throttle and:

a) nuke the WordPress install b) migrate DNS over to b) bung this site up? Hopefully?? Even though I’m not done adding and fixing all the old posts????

Anyway I guess I’ll see if this works out.

I’m having a crazy amount of fun doing this even though my travails have resulted in me running afoul of weird iOS Safari edge cases and figuring out hacky ways to obtain what I desire from Hugo. It’s been a long, weird journey, and I can’t wait to see how much more the site will continue to change as I work on it 😁

Here’s a picture of what the site should currently look like:’s current look

Edit: naturally the above picture is already out of date, seeing as I remembered I wanted to strip the color from the post dates on the front page 😅

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